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Our deep experience has conclusively proven that providing excellence in patient care, outcomes and safety are hallmark goals of the very best healthcare professionals.

If you’re one of those people, you’re looking at the website of proven medical billing/collection  professionals who understand the need for you to be promptly and fully paid for services provided – we know that sufficient cash flow is the lifeblood of  any successful business and our dedicated leadership and experienced staff are committed to that result for EVERY client.  We know that achieving those goals allows our clients the financial  opportunity to achieve excellence in patient care, outcomes and safety.

Our culture and services have developed over the last 40 years and continue to evolve with this ever changing healthcare environment while  maintaining  a solid foundation built on respect for physicians, patients and payers.  We collect every possible dollar utilizing the latest technology,  committing to staff personal and professional growth and employing billing/collection best practices.

Quite simply, we do our job so you can do what you are trained to do.